Bike Tail Light (StVZO) ET-3231

  • Bike Tail Light (StVZO)
  • Bike Tail Light (StVZO)
  • Bike Tail Light (StVZO)
  • Bike Tail Light (StVZO)

Bike Tail Light (StVZO)

  • black
  • K-Mark / StVZO 22A,TA14(III) / 2.7cd / 12Lm / 3M / 200mAH / 3H
  • BENEX light exudes European style, simplicity and functionality, which adds a unique artistic and personality to the BENEX light collection.
  • Safety Aspect of Tail Lights - Tail lights provide a safety aspect of the bike. In addition, they allow other vehicles to see the bike in inclement weather such as rain or snow.
  • The main features of this rear light are the very compact size.
  • You're also visible from the side-- The cyclist is not only seen from behind, but also from the side to crossing traffic.
  • ET-3231 utilizes the finest in LED technology installing COB LED (Chip on Board) hardware. This allows for an insanely bright light output with a wider field of dispersion than a standard LED bulb.
  • Tail lights are an important safety aspect of your bike. They are located in the rear and face rearward to show other cars where you are located on the road.
  • Unique optical design provides ultra brightness and efficiency.
  • Color: Black
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Safety Regulation certified Tail Light
  • Specification
  • Certification

  • Wide angle of attraction can also be seeing clearly from long distance.
  • Integration: Small and Compact, integrated with your bike as part of it.
  • Certified with K- Mark -StVZO
  • Compatible Handlebar diameter: Ø 22-28.6mm.
  • Mobile Current: (1) Extend the Runtime. (2)Smooth beam intensity adjustment.
  • Plug into the Adaptor from Rear light without cable.
  • Certification: Comply with StVZO 22A,TA14(III)
  • Performance index: Powered and tested under the 3.7V / 200mAh
  • Lithium Battery -- Runtime: 3H
  • Function: Rear Light / Bike Tail Light / Bicycle Taillight / Rear warning light
  • LED source: 1pcs COB LED & 1pc Red / Green Indicator LED
  • Power Source: 1Pc 3.7V (200mAh Lithium Battery)
  • Material: ABS / PC
  • Size: 36x34x57mm
  • Net weight: 220g
  • Waterproof: IPX 5
stVZO CE EMC Reach Self Declaration Letter PAHS