Why keep waiting?
Why don’t we develop and research the products by ourselves?

In 2009 Taiwan was in the boom of the bicycle fervor and BENEX is also on this track and found out there is no proper and functional bicycle light can provide safety and reliable illumination for rider in Taiwan. It ignited BENEX proceeds a series of research and development products and transformed from consumer products to be professional bike lights.

After going though transformation during these years, we were recognized internationally because ET-3171-R, Smart Bike light with exclusive patent Smart Beam and won the 2014 iF International Product Design Award. We also become a very reliable cooperation partner for many well-known companies in the world.

Not necessary to be First but must to be the ONLY ONE.
We are engaged in professional fields only.

When riding at night, leave the illumination to us and let you focus in challenge your sleeves. Our mission is to guard your safety at night. We insist in creating the unique, professional and comply with consumers’ need, such as K-MARK (StVZO) Germany Road Safety standard, small, light weight and long lasting for 10 hours; With both High/Low Beam auto switch and filling light when turns direction that let you conquer the mountain easily and riding safely; High/Low beam and its brightness and function equal to the headlamp of luxury cars, it will auto changes light beam that won’t glare upcoming riders and offer wide ranges illumination as bright as daytime.