Ferris wheel COB Safety Light (Red)StVZO ET-1330-K

  • Ferris wheel COB Safety Light (Red)StVZO
  • Ferris wheel COB Safety Light (Red)StVZO
  • Ferris wheel COB Safety Light (Red)StVZO
  • Ferris wheel COB Safety Light (Red)StVZO

Ferris wheel COB Safety Light (Red)StVZO

  • Black
  • K-Mark / StVZO 22A,TA14(III) / 230mAh Lithium battery / Red COB LED x 12pcs / Bike Bracket /
  • CLIP-ON LIGHT / WEARABLE / DAYTIME / ALL WEATHER / SIDE VISIBILITY / Outdoor / camping / safety purpose
  • Color: Red
mboility-current pesc-tec stuzo usb
  • Specifications

Stay visible and safe while performing outdoor activities. For camping, or at the park. Safety lights are great for runners, joggers, hikers, campers, trekkers, cyclists, students, and anyone involved in activities such as running, hiking, trekking, care repair, changing tires, boating, dog walking, etc.

Compact, stylish and weighing just 18g, with 3 hours runtime.

Little helpers, huge benefits The ability to be seen aids in safety and helps to avoid accidents. Safety lights with red LED are also handy to find your way, look for keys or gear in your pack.

Design Concept:
  • Certified with K- Mark -StVZO
  • High-brilliance LED
    Clip On to Stay Safe and Be Seen at Night.
    After dark, just push the button to use a safety light and that will illuminate your walking path and alerting motorists.
    Warning Light High Visibility for Running, Jogging, Walking, Cycling;Protective Gear for Children, Adults and Pets, hiking poles, pavillions, baby buggies and much more.
  • Light weight, bright, wide angles safety light to be seen at night.
  • Easily to clip on to diverse objects such as bicycle, backpacks, bags, dog collars, running gears, belt, clothing, caps, helmet, wheelchair, stroller, saddles,…etc.
  • High visibility for different occasions such as cycling, Jogging, walking and warning.
  • Protective gear for children, adults, elders, and pets.
  • Light modes: On-Off.
Dimensions (Overall) 40x40x22mm
Mode On-Off
Material PC / ABS
Weight 18g 
Protective Qualities Weather-resistant / IPX4
LIGHT SOURCE Red COB LED x 12pcs, Indicator light-Red/Green LED x 1 pc
POWER SOURCE 3.7V/230mAh Lithium battery x 1pc
Color Red
Recommended Use Bike/Outdoor/camping/safety purpose
 Accessory  Bike Bracket, 2 Silicon straps, USB cord