Dynamo Light ET-3502

  • Dynamo Light
  • Dynamo Light

Dynamo Light

  • Black
  • 90Lux / Dynamo / Standlight / Automatic light / Light Sensor / Power Management
  • Remain low pedal loading even in high power output of light.
4mins day-light low-beam on-auto-off power-management sb
  • Specification
  • Certification
  • Cut-off Line
  • Daylight patrol
  • Auto Main light ON in the evening
  • Auto beam intensity adjustment according to the surrounding light at 8-10M ahead
  • Power Management-Remain low pedal loading even in high power output of light.
  • 4 Mins. Standlight.
  • ET-3502 is made by aluminum. It helps to radiate the heat and extends the LED life span, and reduces the luminous decay.
  • Extremely high light output of 90 Lux.
  • ET-3502 offers a combination of an integrated reflector with optimal light distribution. Both features enhance the safety aspect, as you are better seen by other traffic and the road in front of you is well lighted.
  • High power 90 lux LED light, more than 50,000 hours life span.
  • Front reflector-- reflector to be better seen by oncoming traffic. With a reflector, provides the utmost safety. The reflector passed regulation.
Power Switch ON/ OFF / SMART
Power Indicator N/A
Light Source By Dynamo Hub 6V / 2.4W
Max. Light Output 90Lux
Impact Resistance 1M
Water Proof IPX4
Material Aluminum & ABS
Bracket Fork Bracket
Size 85 x 44 x97 mm
Weight 102g
: :
CE EMC Reach Self Declaration Letter PAHS